Angelica is a girl who needs a lots of attention and she knows how bad this loser slave is totally addicted to her feet! She knows about the power of her feet so the timing was just perfect to make him spit some cash to sniff her feet! That was a very long day with her shoes on so she wants a hundred bucks only to give him the right to sniff her nylons! The slave just can?t resist to her offer so he gives her a hundred bucks and takes her shoes off to smell her sweaty nylon feet! They were totally sweaty so he takes some deep breaths and rub them all over his face! She also gives him the right to sniff her shoes for another sixty bucks! Angelica needs some extra cash to buy some new shoes so she offers him to take those nylons off for another hundred bucks! She totally takes advantage of him and takes all his money! She makes him sniff her feet and lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! There is just nothing better after a long day with her shoes on! Very Hot Clip!

Angelicas Financial Domination - (High Quality Version)

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